It focuses on the conception and implementation of original construction ideas, based on inspirational studies and technical support of an experienced professional and trusted civil engineer.
Knowledge that is translated into action and is always complemented by thorough research and detailed inventory of material needs, the specificities of each site and space, and it also follows the desires and dreams for a more secure and tasteful life.
Life Design
It provides high-quality decoration services of a highly trained and experienced designer, who embraces the needs and offers an elegant and unique picture of everyday life. Depending on the desires and needs for a comfortable and functional life, it emphasizes responsibility and respect, while respecting the latest imperatives of fashion and technology.
Lais Ergo, Xylotechniki and Life Design reflect the dream and the passion of their creators, members of the Aris N. Korakianitis family, to offer a highly integrated choice in the home sector, while offering quality and experience, taste and knowledge, in prices that meet the needs of consumers and the times. A single choice, worthy of your dreams.